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For 20 years, we’ve been professionally and passionately engaged in film production. The scripts we craft transform into vivid imagery. Over 200 companies from Poland and Europe have experienced our expertise. Among them are numerous well-known brands – a source of pride and immense motivation for us. Throughout our video productions, we prioritize precision and attention to detail, recognizing their pivotal role in films.

About Us

We assemble a cohesive team of experienced video specialists.

We’re a film group based in Wrocław, operating professionally in the industry since 2000 and as Burnart Film Production since 2009. We bring concepts to life, turning them into exceptional visuals. Our portfolio includes collaborations with numerous companies from Poland and Europe, including many well-known brands. Precision and attention to detail are crucial to us. Discover the power of video with us!


Produkcja filmowa Burnart Wrocław
Produkcja filmowa Burnart Wrocław
Produkcja filmowa Burnart Wrocław
Produkcja filmowa Wrocław Burnart wideo
Produkcja filmowa Wrocław Burnart wideo
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Our achievements

Here are a few selected film projects.

Discover the diversity in our portfolio – from creative advertisements to documentaries and training films. We also add a touch of magic with dynamic graphic animations. Explore more in our portfolio section.

Play Video about Produkcja filmowa Wrocław reklama produktowa film produktowy

Yato produktowe

Filmu reklamowe produktów Yato.

Play Video about Produkcja filmowa Wrocław reportaż wideo z eventu

Reportaż WITOLDA 3840

Skrót wideo z wydarzenia firmowego.

Play Video about Produkcja filmowa Wrocław relacja wideo z wydarzenia

Wizytówka wideo - Strefa Zdarzeń

Wizytówka wideo grupy eventowej.  

Produkcja filmowa Wrocław reklama spot telewizyjny
Play Video about Produkcja filmowa Wrocław reklama spot telewizyjny

Spot Radiowej Jedynki 2013

Film prezentujący gospodarstwo hodowlano rolne.

Our services

For two decades, we've been creating videos for businesses.

With over 20 years of experience in film projects, we offer expertise and a wealth of proven solutions that have earned the trust of our clients. We’re ready to assist in creating outstanding content for your brand as well.

Video Advertisement

An effective way to enhance brand recognition is by creating video content that engages viewers and results in increased brand awareness and conversions.

Educational Videos

A professional solution that transforms educational content into films - saving time by automating training processes within the company.

Live Broadcasts

We'll prepare a virtual tour of the factory, a live stream from the corporate event, which can be shared online with other employees or clients.

2D and 3D Animation

Eye-catching 2D and 3D graphics that allow you to showcase what's impossible to capture, in an attractive and modern manner.

Social media wideo

A package of videos/short films - reels, created specifically for your product or business. Stand out from the crowd on social media!

Event Coverage

This is a professionally executed video recording aimed at presenting the significant moments of a particular event.


We listen and deliver film services tailored to your expectations.

We listen and ask questions to ensure that the video fulfills its purpose. Before each video production, we thoroughly analyze your needs. This guarantees a reliable execution of the film. We focus on creating commercial projects regardless of the scope of work. We specialize in producing corporate videos, commercials (services and products), occupational health and safety videos, animated explainer videos, infographics, event coverage such as sports events, recurring program productions, including those using green screen technology or animated commercials.

Since 2012, we have been in a continuous partnership with Burnart Film Production. Together, we have successfully led numerous projects in film production and animation, including product films, sponsored billboard animations for Canal+ broadcasts, and photo sessions. Burnart Film Production is responsible for the comprehensive execution of tasks, and we highly value the quality of cooperation, creativity, and dedication with which the Burnart team approaches projects.

    TOYA S.A.


    The technical preparation of the Burnart film crew has pleasantly surprised us, the editing exceeded our expectations, and the communication and collaboration were friendly and flexible. Our experience in working with Burnart allows us to describe them as a reliable partner characterized by professionalism, commitment, and an unconventional approach to the assigned project.

      Olesińscy i Wspólnicy


      Burnart Film Production from Wrocław is a trustworthy, reliable, and competent company. That's why we have been continuously collaborating on film productions. Together with Burnart, we prepared a corporate image film that won first place in the competition organized by Whirlpool EMEA in Italy in September 2015. The team at Burnart consists of experts who demonstrate precision in task execution and flexibility in client approach. They effectively diagnose needs and work with passion. As part of an international corporation, the Wrocław branch of Whirlpool recommends Burnart's services.

        Whirpool Company


        They trusted us