LED screen – Stage screen

Telebim o wysokiej rozdzielczości. Nasze telebimy oferują wyrazistą, wysoką jakość obrazu, co sprawia, że treści prezentowane na nich są widoczne i atrakcyjne dla każdego uczestnika wydarzenia jako ekran przy scenie lub uzupełniający.

Specyfikacja telebimu:

  • Powierzchnia ekranu: 12 m2
  • Rozmiar kabinetów: 64x64cm
  • Rodzaj diody: P2.5
  • Montaż: podwieszony lub stojący
  • Czas montażu 2-4 godzin

Cena od: 4500,00  netto + 23% VAT

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Advantages of using a large display – LED stage screen during an event:

Enhancing Event Atmosphere: LED screens add dynamics and visual effects to the atmosphere of a corporate event. By displaying creative animations, graphics, or even live streaming, LED screens create an attractive environment, boosting the energy and enthusiasm of participants, resulting in positive brand experiences.

Interactivity and Engagement: LED screens allow interaction with the audience by displaying interactive content, questions, or polls. This is a great way to engage participants, creating an interactive experience during the event, which in turn increases engagement levels and brand memorability.

Easy Information Delivery: Large LED screens make it easy to convey visual information on a large scale. This is an excellent solution for presenting data, statistics, graphics, or corporate videos, effectively communicating key messages and achievements of the company.

Dynamic Presentations and Advertising: LED screens allow for dynamic content presentations, which are particularly important during corporate events. They can display variable content, product advertisements, or multimedia presentations, attracting the attention of participants and creating a dynamic atmosphere.

Increased Reach and Visibility: Large LED screens are an excellent tool for expanding the reach of the message. Content is visible to a larger number of participants and even to those at a distance, making the message accessible and easily noticeable to everyone.

Our advanced LED screen is a striking solution, supported by experienced technicians whose support includes a full range from installation to dismantling after the event. Here are the technical specifications:

The LED screen features an impressive display area of 12 m², providing excellent image quality and displaying content with exceptional clarity. The cabinets measuring 64×64 cm have been optimized to construct a uniform screen surface.

The high image quality is achieved through the use of P2.5 LED bulbs, ensuring precision, color vividness, and detailed display of graphics. This advanced type of LED bulbs allows for smooth and dynamic presentation of content on a large screen.

The LED screen offers flexible mounting options, allowing for both hanging and stand placement. The short installation time, just 2-4 hours, allows for quickly adapting the LED screen to the needs of the event, which is particularly important in a dynamic environment.

Such a stage screen is used for various purposes, including as an additional display showing what is happening on stage, providing the audience further away from the stage with a detailed large image. The LED screen can also serve as a display for the audience during live broadcasts or other video transmissions.

In conclusion, our LED screen is not just an impressive display but also a technological attraction that works perfectly in various event scenarios, providing unforgettable visual experiences.