Live Streaming

We conduct live video broadcasts, virtual tours, live streams from events that can be distributed online and shared with other employees or clients via social media and other video platforms.

The service includes:

  • Live video streaming
  • We cover events ranging from a few hours to several days
  • From 1 up to 8 cameras and operators
  • Duration of the stream from 1 hour to 8 hours per day
  • We provide video equipment and a film crew for operation
  • Consultation on the script and event plan
  • Adding graphics, sound, and effects
  • Streaming across various platforms


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Live video streaming offers comprehensive solutions for anyone looking to harness the potential of livestreaming. Thanks to advanced technology and the experience of our team, we provide professional service on any scale, regardless of the size and nature of the event.

We conduct video transmissions both from a single camera and from multiple cameras, operated by experienced operators with the ability to move around thanks to radio transmission of the video signal. Our team of specialists is equipped with gear that allows smooth movement during the transmission, for example, along with the event host or auditor. This convenience allows capturing every important moment from the best perspective.

Additionally, we also offer the possibility to enhance the transmission with graphic design, making the presented content even more attractive and readable for viewers. Thanks to our professional graphic tools, we can customize the look of the transmission according to the client’s individual preferences and goals.

We ensure high-quality image and sound, providing smoothness and clarity of the transmission, which translates into better user experiences. Our solutions are flexible and tailored to various needs, enabling the broadcasting of conferences, concerts, webinars, or other live events while maintaining the highest quality standards. It is also possible to broadcast the same signal to multiple platforms simultaneously – thus, we connect the audience gathered by Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media.

We have executed many live video transmissions from sports events, competitions, tournaments, webinars, conferences, and factory audits – allowing absent interested viewers and employees to enjoy video and sound in real-time. To observe everything and participate in the action as if they were on-site.

Video transmission can also be used to support sales and reach a wider audience on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

By choosing our service, you invest in professionalism, effectiveness, and modernity. Let your content come to life in real-time and reach a wide audience thanks to our advanced livestreaming solutions.

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